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When you visit Le Beau Med Spa by Lanno Curiel Atelier, you can expect high-quality personnel who are dedicated, detailed & passionate professionals at the forefront of beauty care, skin care & rejuvination treatments. Our licensed medical staff are highly qualified, experienced, and trained in all medical procedures to enhance your natural beauty. 


We offer semaglutide injections to help promote weight loss and  navigate towards your ideal weight for aesthetics and healthy purposes. We personalize the treatment for best results with the support of our Medical Professionals.


The use of fillers can eliminate wrinkles, plump, and hydrate lips, replace soft-tissue volume loss, raise scar depressions, and volumize creases and folds of the face. With age, our skin becomes more susceptible to wrinkles and fine lines, due to muscle movement and sun damage.


Is one of the most powerful, non-invasive skin resurfacing treatments available today. It combines cleansing, exfoliation, extraction and hydration.


Is the perfect solution to treat and prevent fine lines, wrinkles, and deep facial furrows. It works well on forehead lines, crow’s feet, and the frown lines between the eyebrows. Most procedures take only 10 – 15 minutes.


It is one of the newest, most effective approaches to rejuvenate the skin, improving texture and firmness. By creating tiny punctures in the top skin layer your body starts to create new collagen and elastin revealing healthy and smooth skin that glows.


Uses injections of a concentration of a patient's own platelets to accelerate the healing of injured tendons, ligaments, muscles and joints.


Is a procedure in which a chemical solution is applied to the skin to remove the top layers. The skin that grows back is smoother.


A laser emits a light that is absorbed by the pigment (melanin) in the hair. This process inhibits or delays future hair growth.


IV therapy that administers fluids, medications and nutrients directly into a person's vein. NAD treatment being one of Infusion therapies we carry. Feel more youthful, energetic and take control of your health today.


Is a synthetic, absorbable monofilament that will take about 4-6 months to be completely absorbed. During this process, the threads will help stimulate new collagen and elastin in your skin.


It is a fat-reduction procedure that involves a device that uses cold temperatures to kill fat cells near the surface of the skin.


Is a semipermanent technique for enhancing the appearance of the eyebrows, a tattooing technique and a form of permanent make up

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